A picture of two cats, Elvis and Vlad, they're both sitting upright and their paws and faces are touching in a feline cuddle.


Framed photograph of Elvis, a tabby cat, on a brown velvet background. The sun is reflected on his fur, so the white fur looks as though it is glowing. His pink nose stands out. His arm is outreached showing his claws, but his face looks sleepy.

Birthday: 9th May

Personality: Cheeky, bossy, alert

Favourite Toy: Mouse with rattling sound

Favourite Treats: Dairy - cheese, milk. Dreamies.

Favourite Napping Spots: Back of the sofa, sunny spot on the landing, in the window

Favourite Textures: Fluffy Textures

Likes: Birdwatching

Hates: Dogs, Builders


Framed photograph of Vlad, a black cat, on a deep gold velvet background. The sun is reflected on his fur so he looks a warm brown colour. He's laying in a relaxed manner, with his eyes half closed, but propped up a little from behind so he is leaning.

Birthday: 20th June

Personality: Laid back, adventurous

Favourite Toy: Rainbow Ribbon Fishing Rod

Favourite Treats: Ham, Dreamies.

Favourite Napping Spots: Office chair, shady spot on the landing, under the desk

Favourite Textures: Metallic Textures, carpet

Likes: Meeting new people

Hates: Vacuum cleaner

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