24th September 2023

Néant Glass Photography

Today I have been doing some photography to try to upload pictures onto the accessories section of my website's wardrobe. I really wanted to try to get consistent photographs of my Néant Glass jewellery, but due to the translucency of some of the pieces it's really quite difficult to take pictures that are all using the same background. Attached to this article is a pair of pictures that did not go into the accessories section of my website - these pictures are group photos of all of my Néant Glass items together. As you can see the purple (centered in both pictures) is very hard to see, and the picture on the accessories section shows it as purple much better. I did at least manage to document each of my pieces, including both rings and rosaries, so I'm pleased enough.

I think ways that I could improve my jewellery photography are to make use of a tripod to try to take the pictures from the same angle each time, and also maybe better lighting in the rest of the space, as right now I'm relying entirely on the lighting in my miniature photography studio, which I think is maybe not quite enough. It is still a lot better than it was in the past though, so I am pleased with the improvements at least. I'm just a beginner in this kind of photography.

I took part in the latest preorder for the Néant coffin chokers, so in the future I will have more to add to this section - aside from the rest of my jewellery which is not there yet. I've chosen a black based coffin choker with a deeper red rose, and a white based coffin choker with a blue rose, which I will want to wear with shiro outfits.

Wishlist Updates

In terms of my wishlist, I've been making some progress. I've been in talks with another member of the EGL community about one of the dresses on my wishlist, which they are selling, and have offered to let me purchase rather than putting it up for auction. This is really exciting. I was planning to buy this dress on Wunderwelt a little while back but put it off, and ended up missing out. However this person's dress is in much better condition than the version of it on Wunderwelt, it's also a slightly different - and more beautiful - cut. So this works out for me really well. However I don't want to jinx it, so I won't say any more than this.

Another item on my wishlist is actually currently in Customs, with the Royal Mail. I'm really excited to receive this, but I'm also quite frustrated to be receiving it via Royal Mail, due to their incredibly slow customs process compared to other parcel carriers. Since you can't pay until you recieve a letter about the customs fees, you have to wait until they get around to bringing the letter, and then enter the code on that letter to pay, and sometimes it can take a few days after that before they actually deliver. The longest it's taken me to recieve an item with customs fees from Royal Mail is about 2 weeks which is really just not a good time. Comparing it to other parcel carriers which allow you to pay customs with just the tracking number often before it even gets into the country... that is luxury.

Well, I have a couple of other things in the post to look forward to, so I will try not to be too disheartened by customs shenanigans. And really, I should be spending more time on trying combinations with my existing clothes, rather than online shopping.

Website Updates

Today I've finished up converting all of the wardrobe pages to use a script to populate the images. Within the wardrobe section all I need to do is finish adding pictures for the accessories section now. Unfortunately this is a massive undertaking, but I will keep at it for now.

I also applied to join the Cult of Usakumya webring. This is the lolita webring I was talking about yesterday! I added the badge to a links page on my homepage. Apparently some additional arrows should appear as soon as I've been added to the webring. Which sounds pretty cool.