31st October 2023

Halloween Update!

It's been a little while since I last added to my journal, but I really wanted to add a page to my journal for Halloween! It's a time of year that I always get really excited about, because it's got such a cool feel to it. First of all, I made some charm bracelet pixel club submissions to the 32bit Cafe Halloween Event, which have now been uploaded to the event page! I've already seen my submissions appearing on a few different peoples' charm bracelets, for which I feel incredibly proud.

Coord for Picking my Pumpkins

This is an outfit I wore last Monday, for going to choose which pumpkins to bring home from the Supermarket! The main piece and blouse are both Physical Drop. I've spoken about this before, but I find that the pieces by Physical Drop are just incredibly comfortable, so I really love wearing them for just regular errands. The shoes are Unif, I got my tights from Snag, and the hat is from Uf.

Above are the pumpkins we carved! My boyfriend went for a very traditional pumpkin face, and I made mine a vampire. To be honest I think his pumpkin looks a lot better than mine, he did a really good job on the lines and it looks really neat. I think I made the facial features on my pumpkin a bit too small so it lacks impact! But I enjoyed hanging out with him doing this, even though hollowing out my own pumpkin was very time consuming.

While I was out getting pumpkins, I also made a stop at TK Max and picked up a set of these hilarious skeleton plates. I was pretty disappointed that none of the skeletons were playing the trombone though, since everyone knows that's a skeleton's favourite instrument.

I wore a similar coord to a day out in Blackpool, but unfortunately the only picture I got from that day was this one. I was hoping to get a chance to take a picture of the tour tram, but I missed my first chance and never got a second chance. It wasn't the best place to visit, but it was nice to catch up with my boyfriend's family with him.

Sheglit X Pullip Edelstein

My Pullip Sheglit doll arrived recently, which I was really excited about! I unpacked her, and put her accessories on - she is so beautiful. This collaboration had a dress and a doll (as well as a few other pieces like socks). I want to put together a coord to match the doll, but it's quite difficult since I didn't buy the socks, but I think we can still twin without, it will just take a little more time to gather pieces. But I was still pretty excited about the doll arriving so last Friday I wore a coord with the OP from the collaboration!

I wanted to make a coord in a very gothic style, so I was really pleased with this. As you can see from the picture, Vlad was impressed too. It was an incredibly comfortable OP despite having a high neck, which to be honest prompted me to compare some of my other high necked OPs with this one. As a result, I think I will be selling the Haunted Doll OP when I get the chance, since it's just way too uncomfortable for me to wear.


Here are some of the things I had delivered this past week. First of all, I ended up caving and purchasing the Atelier Pierrot Mystic Jacquard Jumperskirt. I thought it looked so gorgeous and vampiric when worn by the Atelier Pierrot staff, that I ended up just buying it. I am looking forward to putting together an outfit with this, I think it will look so beautiful, I'd love to gather a red rose corsage sometime so that I can put it in a coordinate with this. Secondly, I was incredibly excited to receive my purple laluice bunny bag. She is so luxurious and soft, and she'll look great next to my purple coordinates. I am not sure where to store her, but I want to keep her near my black laluice bunny bag, since they are definitely friends.

Pixel Clubs

If you're keeping an eye on my website as it updates, you'll notice that I've joined a second pixel club now. I made a pixel art of my cat Elvis for the Kitty Friends Pixel Club. It isn't the most accurate pixel art of him, but I thought it was still very nice.

(scaled up)

I've been enjoying taking part in pixel clubs, and I love that sometimes I will just wander onto somebody's website and see my own work there. There wasn't a large barrier of entry and it makes me feel really welcome and accomplished, to have created a small piece of art that was enjoyed by another person.

Next I think I'd like to join the sticker pixel club maybe! Although I don't know what I'd do for a sticker, it does give a lot of room to work with. I've been playing a lot of Baldurs Gate 3 recently so maybe it would be fun to do a sticker around something from that game. Mostly I just want to collect up stickers... There are some really cute ones.

Astarion Shrine

Inspired by some conversations I've had recently online, I began creating a shrine to Astarion from Baldurs Gate 3, a game that I've been playing a lot recently. I've started it out with my favourite picture of him, along with a few candles. It's really difficult to get the website to work on mobile, so it's desktop only at current, but it's already been incredibly challenging to understand how to get the images to display in the way I want them to. I think it'll be a really fun challenge though, and I'm excited to collect up more pictures that feature him.

A couple of other things to share

I cleaned my room recently, and I thought it might be fun to share a couple of items from in my room that might be interesting to somebody else.


The first is Martha. Martha is a porcelain doll, who I bought online from a self-proclaimed witch. Her head has been replaced with a needle-felted head of a crow. The eyes on the crow's head, are those of the doll head. A friend of mine recently asked about her after seeing her in the background of one of my pictures.

One time, I left Martha out on the table, and Vlad chewed on her head, so her head has been partially repaired by me. She's just as beautiful, and I took care to gently felt her eyelids back into shape.

One day, I'd love to wear matching outfits with Martha.


Last year, I got really interested in puppetry, so I purchased this puppet. Her name is Batty, and she is a muppet-style puppet (though she is not a muppet since I am pretty sure that is specifically used to refer to the Muppets made by Jim Henson's Company). I didn't name her Batty, she came with the name Batty - because she really likes bats. I'm not the best at puppetry, but I did find it quite fun to create a character like this. But it is also quite tiring to use the puppet on my hand for long periods of time.

Booked tickets to a lolita event!

Last week, I booked tickets to the Fàilte Bhlàth Be My Valentine 2024 event! I know a lot of my online friends will be going, so I'm really excited to go and see them while I'm there. I already have an idea what I want to wear - I'm planning to wear my pink bustle corset dress, probably in a pink and ivory coord. I think that this will look so beautiful and I'm really excited to enjoy some sweet food around friends that I am really excited to meet. I very nearly didn't get a ticket to this, since it sold out so quickly! But I'm really glad that I did.

Closing Text

I hope you've enjoyed this bumper journal update. To be honest, I didn't even realise how much I'd done over the past 10 days, but now I feel really proud of myself, since sometimes I feel like I live a really unadventurous life. I think it will maybe be a little while before I can update again, since I am away for a few days at the start of November, but I'm hoping to get a few nice pictures ready for my next post.